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We deep dive into customer value analysis and supercharge your team with dedicated, skilled specialists who drive impactful customer marketing strategies.

The Ingage Difference

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'In-House' Approach

We become an extension of your team, working closely with you to achieve your goals.

Benefit from our flexibility, responsiveness, and direct engagement with a dedicated front-person.

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Customer Value


We go beyond short-term campaign metrics. Our commercially minded approach centres around customer KPIs such as Purchase Frequency and Lifetime Value, unlocking long-term success.

Our Solutions

We fuel our clients' growth through a comprehensive range of services, tailored to their unique needs. These services include, but are not limited to:

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Defining the outbound communications that your customers will receive throughout their lifetime.

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Campaign creative

Designing and building compelling marketing assets that drive action.

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campaign operations

Executing your customer marketing campaigns for you across Email, Push, SMS, Paid Media.

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Evaluating the value and profitability of customer cohorts and creating models for potential customer lifetime value (LTV).

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Assessing how successful your campaigns are in driving results against your objectives.

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Developing data science models to inform campaign decisions and drive effective marketing strategies.

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Ensuring you have the right data in the right format to effectively understand and drive customer value.

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Implementing, migrating, and maximising the usage of MarTech tools within your organisation.

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Providing short-term team member(s) to fill resource or skills gaps within your team.

Here To Help You...

Drive Customer Value

Set clear objectives for customer behaviour and implement customer marketing strategies that drive their achievement.

Enhance Your Team

Overcome skill, resource, and capacity limitations by bolstering your team with the necessary expertise.

Unlock MarTech Power

Leverage our team's expertise to optimise the use of your tools and unlock advanced capabilities.

Meet The Founders

We started Ingage to create something different - a customer marketing agency that understands customer economics, and provides the full spectrum of expertise that is required to successfully execute compelling customer marketing strategies.

Faye Dineen

Managing Director

& Co-founder

Oliver Norman

Executive Director

& Co-founder

Alex Lockett

Executive Director

& Co-founder

We have over 30 years experience in helping brands across industries and territories to achieve their goals through digital marketing

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